Let’s move forward with our Government for overcoming the Covid-19 situation.

Accommodation Rooms

Only one person or those came together will be provided stay in one floor or veranda according to each of our buildings. We will be keeping the other room in the same floor or veranda vacant according to the building. We will be placing sanitizer as well as hand wash in each room for your use. In short, maximum only 9 rooms will be allotted at a time.

Treatment Rooms

One treatment room for one person or those came together will be provided. Proper cleaning protocols for treatment rooms.

Ayurveda way of strengthening immune system

There will be an attempt for including medicines and treatments which are found to be helpful for strengthening the immune system according to each person after direct doctor’s consultation.

Awareness talks by the doctors

Our doctors will give you awareness talks on Ayurveda lifestyle and hygiene.


Separate therapist for each person for daily treatments. Gloves, masks, apron etc. for minimizing contact.

Common areas

We are keeping the common areas clean with dedicated staff and quality cleaning agents.

Hand Sanitizer/Thermal screening

Hand sanitizer and thermal screening is made available at hospital entrances.

Food serving

Room service or one dining table for one person or for those came together throughout their stay. Disposable food containers & plates.


Separate washing of cloths & bedsheets ; after putting it in disinfectant solution.

Social Distancing

Instruction sheets remind our guests/staffs to maintain social distancing.

We wish you comfortable & safe inpatient stay and ayurvedic treatments at Poomully Mana..!