rasayana chikitsa


Ayurveda offers a scientific explanation of how our body can be kept hale and healthy warding off the effects of old age. The science of Ayurveda puts forward a scheme of treatment, RASAYANA CHIKITSA, that aims to keep one's body and mind youthful, throughout.

What is Rasayana Chikitsa ?

Rasayana Chikitsa is an ayurvedic treatment procedure that brings back a person from the threshold of old age to the vigour of youth. Ayurveda has proved that the Rasayana Chikitsa is able to rekindle one with lively radiance, like a luminous lamp.

To live without facing the trauma of old age, is the height of life's achievement. The treatments keep away the old-age decline in life, intelligence, awareness and general strength. The aim of Rasayana Chikitsa is not to conquer time or to increase the life-span. Its ultimate aim is to maintain immunity and keeps the body youthful and vigorous. Rasayana Chikitsa is described in detail in the authentic texts of Ayurveda like Ashtangahridaya, Sushrutha Samhita, Charaka Samhita etc.

Rasayana Chikitsa is of two kinds

  1. Kudipraveshikam

  2. Vatatapikam


The first is the Kudipraveshikam, which is carried out in utmost diligence, with strict rules and diet, under the expert guidance of able physicians. The Kudipraveshikam is also called as Kayakalpam. The major treatments will be carried out inside a specially built hut (Kudi) surrounded by walls that shut off wind and light. A patient entering the Kudi, comes out after the prescribed course of treatment, hale and healthy.

Duration: Kudipraveshikam is a  50  to  120 days treatment procedure (including indoor & outdoor).

The person intending to undergo the Kudipraveshika treatments must have:

  • A strong and positive mind free from sex, anger etc.

  • A purpose for undergoing kudi-praveshika treatments.

  • A disease-free body.

  • Confidence in the scope of this treatment and the ability of the physician.

  • Ability to afford the cost of treatments.

The Kudipraveshika can be done for both male and female patients, and can be done effectively from age 25 to 70.

If the person is affected by a serious disease, the Kudipraveshika treatments can start only after the disease is completely cured.

The medicines (rasayana) for the kudipraveshika will be decided by the physician according to the condition of the patient's health.



The second is the Vatatapikam that is less rigorous and with less restrictions on diet while comparing with Kutipraveshika. This is prescribed for those to whom a strict diet is difficult, and for those who are still weak after some illness. The patient undergoing treatments can live in spacious room that get enough wind (vata) and light (atapa). The medicines (rasayana) for the Vatatapikam will be decided by the physician according to the condition of the patient's health.

Duration: Vatatapikam is a 21 to 60 days treatment procedure.

Kudipraveshika Treatments - at Poomully Mana

The Kutipraveshika treatment has been extremely rare. The successful Kudipraveshika to be recorded in the last century took place in the Poomully Mana itself in the year 1953. Authentically placed in the cultural landscape of Kerala, the Mana has been home to a confluence of various branches of Oriental knowledge.

The Kayakalpa treatment that took place towards the end of the last century was led by Poomully Aram Thampuran (Neelakantan Nambuthiripad, who was also credited with the affectionate pet name, Arivinte Thampuran - the 'patriarch of knowledge') and the famed physician Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadhom Valiya Narayanan Nambuthiri. True to his pet name, Neelakantan Nambuthiripad was well-versed in many branches of traditional Indian knowledge, from Sanskrit and Ayurveda to astrology and martial arts. The one to undergo the treatment was Poomully Vasudevan Nambuthiripad, brother of the Aram Thampuran. He had been suffering from diabetes. Following the pre-medication & rejuvenation treatments, a month-long treatment inside the Kuti and another month of recuperation & proper administration of medicine was done. The treatments not only cured him completely, but blessed him with a body and mind full of youthful spirit. Ten days after the treatment was over, a holy mendicant visited the place. He gazed at the rejuvenated Nambuthiripad for a long time, and then said, "A face just like the sun! I have never seen a body look so radiant."