A heritage ayurveda centre of poomully aramthapuran smaraka trust

Instructions to in Patients

Climatic conditions

February     -   warm and dry
March and April     -   very hot
May to September     -   warm and wet (June to August are rainy)
October to January     -   Cool mornings & evenings, warm days

Currency Conversion

US Dollars, AU dollars, Euro or British Pounds etc. are easy to convert at the International airports or at the local towns. Please note that the Mana does not have the facility to handle credit card transactions or foreign currency conversions. We can, however, accept Traveler's cheques for payments of dues to the Mana.


Avoid bringing valuable articles to the centre. There will be locker facility for keeping valuables. Receipts will be issued against the articles entrusted for keeping in the locker.


We provide toilet paper, towel, soap, bed linen and blanket, curtains, and tissues.


Items to bring to keep you occupied are Books, CDs / DVDs and player, craft and hobby items, board and other similar games, etc. In keeping with the serene environment all are requested to keep the sound very low to avoid disturbing others. Patients can visit the ancient temple & kalari(martial art centre) attached to mana, only with the permission of the physician.

Tips & Gifts

If guests desire to do more in supporting the staff, then the desired amount can be given to the office, and it will be distributed equally amongst all the Mana staff.

Drinking water

Organic and medicated drinking water will be filled in the pots/jars placed in each room. Do not drink tap water or any other bottled drinks.

Instructions to inpatients

Avoid strenuous activities such as travel, sex, jerky movements and physical work during your stay at mana. Avoid sitting for extended periods of over an hour and take short walks and stretch yourself. Reduce energy drain by avoiding excessive or intense discussions, study, watching television, internet use, reading, writing or thinking. Poomully Mana is strictly an alcohol & tobacco restricted zone.

Sleep at regular times and preferably between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Avoid day sleep.

Use Umbrella while walking outside (both day and night) and minimize the exposure to extreme heat, cold water, sun and wind.

Don't take bath in bathroom attached to your bedroom. The staff will take care of your bath after the treatments, in the bath rooms attached to the treatment room.

Please avoid watching television after 9.00 PM.

Due to rainy season there will be chance for electricity failure. Please adjust with the emergency lamps in case of power-cut or electricity failure. There will be generator facility also.

Organic / vegetarian food will be served at mana, as prescribed by the physician. Avoid overeating and eating before the previous meal has been digested, as well as avoid eating too quickly and swallowing without chewing. Strictly avoid from eating any food from outside the mana. Guests are advised not to take any food or drinks other than the diet provided at mana. Otherwise it will adversely affect the treatments.

Poomully Mana is strictly an ayurveda treatment centre, hence please don't expect the facilities of a resort. Poomully Mana is strictly a vegetarian, non-alcoholic & tobacco free zone.

Usual timing for food will be 8.30am (breakfast), I.00pm (lunch), 7.00pm (dinner). Food will be served in the dining hall. There may be changes according to the treatment timing.

Treatments will be conducted either in the morning or in the evening. There will be no treatments for the ladies during the menstrual period.

Attend to all natural urges without any delay. These include yawning, burping, passing flatus, thirst, crying and evacuation bowels and bladder.

A peaceful and positive mindset is required to get the full benefit of the treatments. Avoid subjects, topics, activities and thoughts or situations that may contribute to provocation of emotional outbursts and folks getting upset.

Please don't hesitate to contact doctor with your doubts and for further information. We will try our level best to provide you with homely stay, comfort, privacy & hospitality.

We wish you comfortable stay. …!