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A heritage ayurveda centre of Poomully Aramthampuran Smaraka Trust

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Poomully Mana
Peringode (PO), Via. Koottanadu,
Palakkad Dist, Kerala, India.


+ 91 466-2370 660

+ 91 9846 239545
+ 91 9846 089595

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Easy access Poomully mana

Nearest airports. (Time to reach Poomully by road)
Calicut : 1.5 hrs.
Cochin : 2 hrs.
Coimbatore : 2.5 hrs .

Nearest Rly. Station. (Time to reach Poomully by road)
Pattambi : 15 min.
Shornur : 30 min.
Ottapalam : 45 min.