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A heritage ayurveda centre of Poomully Aramthampuran Smaraka Trust

Inpatient Treatments

"Vyapnothi sahasaadeham ; Aapadathalamasthakam Nivarthathe thu kupitha: ; Malolpalpam jalawghaval"

Meaning: This sloka deals with the importance of apt treatments and proper duration for getting relief.

The diseases may be affected at any part of the body right from head to the feet. However, it must be treated with patience and with proper time for getting relief.

Example given in this sloka: In-order to drain away the waters from a flood it takes time.


Poomully Mana try to offer treatments for spondylitis, arthritis, slip disc and chronic low back pain, sports-related injuries, bronchial diseases, breast/uterus cancer, stress, depression, diabetes, E.N.T. diseases, epilepsy, paralysis, migraine, Parkinson's disease, paediatric diseases (hyper activity, delayed walking, motor neuron disease, ADHD, etc.), neurological complaints, obesity, psoriasis and other skin problems, haemorrhoids and anorectal diseases, gastric and liver problems, toxicology and Rasayana Chikitsa (Vatatapikam), and so on.

In-house Treatments

Ayurvedic treatment procedures are to be carried out by admitting the patient in the hospital; as constant Medical/doctor's monitoring is recommended in ayurveda for administering ayurvedic treatment procedures. This is also necessary to ensure that the patient is following the Do's & Don'ts as per the Ayurveda during treatment days.

Initial Out-patient Doctor's Consultation

Patients who are able to visit our centre directly for Doctor's outpatient consultation prior to the proposed in-patient treatments may inform us and fix an appointment for the same. Then our doctors will be able to consult & try to fix the estimated duration for inpatient treatments. If found necessary doctors can suggest medicine and diets that the patient can follow at home prior to their inpatient treatments. This is found to be helpful to prepare the body for inpatient treatments. Normally 11 or 14 or 21 or 28 days are suggested for an ayurvedic treatment program, depending upon each case.


Patients are advised to make advance reservation and ensure room availability for in-patient treatments. As we have only limited number of rooms; the room can be allotted for inpatient treatments, only according to the room availability.

Doctor's Consultation

There will be Doctor's consultation at the time of admission. The treatment plan including treatments/therapies, medicines, diet etc. will be prescribed by our doctors only after direct consultation. Doctors also monitor patient's response to the medication/treatments and modify their measures, if found necessary.

Post-Medication / Follow-up

Patients are expected to follow the recommendations made by the doctors in the discharge summary, in terms of follow-up doctor's consultations, next course of treatments (if any), medications, diet, do's & don'ts etc., after the in-patient treatments. Post medication and follow-ups have its own importance in Ayurveda. For follow-up doctor's consultations direct visit is mandatory.